• Microelectronics Strategy Forum
    Microelectronics Strategy Forum
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Apr 21, 2021

Dayton, Ohio – Parallax Advanced Research and its Department of the Air Force program - the Academic Partnership Engagement Experiment, or - will host the Microelectronics Strategy Forum on May 11 through 13, 2021 in a virtual setting. The event is free of charge and sponsored by the Air Force Research Laboratory ( ). The event aims to gather representatives from academia, industry and the government to promote policies and activities that increase the number and success potential of students from high school through college for careers in microelectronics and related disciplines and to set a future roadmap for success within the microelectronics ecosystem. The State of Ohio was designated by the Department of Defense as a Defense Manufacturing Community. As such, Ohio’s microelectronics ecosystem, successes, and lessons learned for microelectronics efforts on a national scale will be a key focus of this event. Registration is open, here: https://bit.ly/3mHPldg

From curriculum to career, the Microelectronics Strategy Forum is phase one in a two-phased approach for further developing the Science Technology Engineering Math (STEM) talent pool focused on microelectronics and comprised of high school and college students. Microelectronics is currently the number one research and development priority of the Department of Defense and, accordingly, the Forum will align with the Air Force Research Laboratory’s robust microelectronics agenda. In addition, collective efforts are focused on developing the workforce, building student interest in STEM, and hiring and retaining the next generation of STEM talent. Parallax Advanced Research’s program was selected to lead this effort by to address the unmet microelectronics workforce needs within the Department of the Air Force and Department of Defense ( ).

The is not the only industry affected by the shortage of STEM talent specializing in microelectronics. In a recent article by CBS News, GM and Ford will cut their car production due to chip shortages and the ripple affect does not stop there. In fact, the shortage is felt around the globe, frustrating schools, and consumers of tech products like laptops, smartphones, and video games. The Microelectronics Strategy Forum is a means to increase student interest in the science of microelectronics as well as provide industry participants insight into the needs of the incoming workforce.

Members of academia, industry, and government are encouraged to participate. The Forum intends to:

  • Bring together diverse stakeholders across universities, large/medium/small industry, and Department of Defense/Department of the Air Force entities.

  • Form alliances in a venue for shaping organic partnerships to advance microelectronics priorities.

  • Build buy-in from stakeholders energized from the ground level as they help shape and inform the microelectronics strategic framework.

  • Secure funding and in-kind opportunities, such as internships, fellowships, and post-education jobs, through the creation and ideation of partnerships.

  • Set the stage for a way forward and enduring success of Ohio’s and the Nation’s microelectronics strategy (mission, vision, and critical success factors).

The Forum’s keynote presentation will be provided by Ohio Governor Mike DeWine, with thought leadership presentations by Air Force Chief Scientist Dr. Victoria Coleman, Raytheon Chief Technology Officer Mark Russel, and others. Plenary sessions will involve renowned experts from across academia, industry, and the government. The event will also feature a high school student poster session on day two and plenary sessions on major microelectronics topics, virtual booths, and networking during all three days. There will also be a series of Forum workshops covering the following subjects:

  • Outreach - Identify outlets intended to optimize the microelectronics footprint. We will identify what microelectronics programs/curriculum are currently in place in Ohio K-12 schools and where the gaps are that need to be filled.

  • Education & Employment- Focus on the continuum for how we educate students and how we prepare them for careers and experiences that align with employer needs.

  • Federal Government & Military – Focus on the federal government’s workforce needs, including recent legislative language, administration priorities, and coordination of federal government funded programs.

  • Industry & Technology - Technological topics underpinning microelectronics; building institutional capabilities; technology transfer/transition.

  • Future Roadmap: Implementation plan for workforce and industry growth; consortia; critical success factors; evaluation framework.

Register for the event at this link: https://bit.ly/3mHPldg


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