• Parallax Advanced Research press release
    Parallax Advanced Research press release
Published on
Mar 10, 2021


DAYTON, Ohio – Parallax Advanced Research has expanded its Department of the Air Force program, the Academic Partnership Engagement Experiment, or APEX, to the U.S. Southwest, comprised of Arizona, New Mexico, Texas, and Oklahoma. program managers deployed a national engagement effort to locate academics and small businesses with science and technology capabilities sought by the Department of the Air Force and introduce them to the Department’s programs of potential interest. APEX’s Southwest Regional Liaison, Kelly Stafford, is based in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

Leading ’s national engagement effort is Director Dr. Kathleen Gilpin who is responsible for developing relationships with faculty members and heads of research at colleges and universities across the U.S.

“We divide the country into regions for focused effort and, through our regional liaisons, conduct site visits throughout the Nation to build a network of academic, industry, and tech-based support assets, transfer information on Department of the Air Force programs, and plan outreach events with partners,” said Gilpin.

Within regions, bridges technologies that are developed at universities with technologies that can be commercialized by small businesses, forms partnerships between these ecosystems and links them to government stakeholders with an interest in their science and technology for development and transition.

Some of the notable connections that has made in the region, include AFWERX in Austin, Texas; University of New Mexico Rainforest Innovations in Albuquerque, New Mexico; Arizona Regional Economic Development Foundation in Sierra Vista, Arizona; and Aerospace & Defense “ACES” Team, Oklahoma Department of Commerce in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. has also partnered with Texas A&M University to develop a widget competition in collaboration with the National Security Innovation Network. More information about that competition is evolving and will be provided on the APEX website at a later date.

“Our goal is to grow the pipeline of technology innovators for the Department of the Air Force and, in doing so, maximize and expand our Nation’s defense capabilities” said Stafford. “I’m thrilled to be working with brilliant innovators across the region to help make that happen.”


About Parallax Advanced Research

Parallax is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit that tackles global challenges by accelerating innovation and developing technology and solutions through strategic partnerships with government, industry and academia across Ohio and the Nation. Together with academia, Parallax accelerates innovation that leads to new breakthroughs. Together with government, Parallax tackles critical global challenges and delivers new solutions. Together with industry, Parallax develops groundbreaking ideas and speeds them to market.


cultivates innovation by expanding the American research enterprise for the Department of the Air Force by engaging, connecting and enabling innovators across academia, industry and the Department of Defense ( ). utilizes data analytics to identify transformational operational defense solutions in academia, industry and government sectors; provides process navigation services for academic teams and small businesses; and enhances cross-sector engagement by providing direct connections to the technology needs of multiple programs.