Published on
Mar 3, 2021

For Immediate Release: March 2, 2021 

Academics, small business innovators and government personnel can learn about and get certified in the Department of the Air Force Small Business Innovation Research and Technology Transfer programs 

The Parallax Learning Hub – a new learning content management system – is now live!!! Access the Parallax Learning hub here.

The Parallax Learning Hub will be the central repository for all training, education, learning, and development products sponsored by Parallax Advanced Research (including its programs). The first launch of training content is from Parallax’s U.S. Air Force Academic Partnership Engagement Experiment, or  APEX , program.   

APEX  has the mission to connect universities, businesses and the government; build collaborations between these sectors; identify their transformational operational defense solutions and capabilities; and advance defense technology development for the Department of the Air Force. APEX ’s mission supports the United States Air Force Science & Technology 2030 Strategy

The APEX training content is about the Department of the Air Force Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR)/Small Business Technology Transfer (STTR) Getting to Phase One. This content is comprised of a suite of 24 topical content videos that will focus on Department of Air Force  SBIR / STTR program basics, process and related general information (including business acumen) topics. Videos range from 3-10 minutes in length.   

In anticipation of a high-level of demand for the Getting to Phase One content (also known as “Level 1”), APEX has structured it as a Massive Open Online Course ( MOOC ). The MOOC will enable a large number of participants to simultaneously access and watch the videos. 

Prior to embarking on the MOOC training videos, you will need to watch an introductory video found here

This eight-minute video will give you an introduction into the  MOOC  that awaits you in the Parallax Learning Hub. At the end of the video is a link to Parallax Learning Hub so that you can register for an account and, once the account is approved, get access to the MOOC

The Level 1 content culminates with a capstone knowledge check (participants must score at least 90% to pass and will have multiple attempts to do so), along with a participant reaction survey to provide APEX feedback on the MOOC experience. Participants who successfully complete all Level 1 activities will receive a formal certification attesting the knowledge learned. 

Completing Level 1 training will also allow participants to access Level 2 (Phase I through Phase II) and Level 3 (Phase III & Beyond). Levels 2 and 3 training content are currently under construction. We anticipate Level 2 training to be available through Parallax Learning Hub in late Spring 2021 and Level 3 training available in late Summer 2021. We hope you are as excited as we are! Please contact us if you have questions via: Apex@parallaxresearch.org  


About Parallax Advanced Research 

Parallax is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit that tackles global challenges by accelerating innovation and developing technology and solutions through strategic partnerships with government, industry and academia across Ohio and the Nation. Together with academia, Parallax accelerates innovation that leads to new breakthroughs. Together with government, Parallax tackles critical global challenges and delivers new solutions. Together with industry, Parallax develops groundbreaking ideas and speeds them to market. 

About APEX  

APEX  cultivates innovation by expanding the American research enterprise for the U.S. Air Force by engaging, connecting and enabling innovators across academia, industry and the Department of Defense ( DoD ).  APEX  utilizes data analytics to identify transformational operational defense solutions in academia, industry and government sectors; provides process navigation services for academic teams and small businesses; and enhances cross-sector engagement by providing direct connections to the technology needs of multiple  DoD  programs.