Parallax manages a suite of entrepreneurial support programs on behalf of U.S. state and federal agencies. These programs include the Ohio Federal Research Network (OFRN) and Launch Dayton. These programs engage with, build, and connect a nationwide network of high-performing teams and collaborators from academia, industry, and the government.

Ohio Federal Research Network (OFRN)

OFRN is a flagship State of Ohio-focused research and development program established by Parallax and the Ohio Department of Higher Education in 2014. OFRN's mission is to stimulate Ohio's innovation economy by funding research and development projects that meet federal laboratory requirements and building a statewide university and industry collaborations. 

We solve critical state- and federal-level challenges at the intersection of government, industry, and academia using the Triple Helix innovation model. This model combines resources, competencies, and perspectives from different sectors to drive innovation and new creative solutions; anchors and cultivates innovation ecosystems within a region; engages in boundary-spanning activities between academia, industry, and the government; and resolves interface and translational failures between sectors. We engage in team formation activities linking academic, industry, and government partners through public-private partnerships, innovation hub coordination and alignment, and technology transfer and transition activities that accelerate the transition of technology over the “valley of death.” We operate in non-traditional ways with non-traditional partners to maximize opportunities for partners to succeed. 

  • 13 spinout organizations created 

  • $51.4 million invested by the State of Ohio + 1:1 Cost Share 

  • $355.7 million in follow-on funding 

  • 35 projects funded 

Our research networks continue to grow through agreements with 21 Ohio universities and community colleges. 

Learn more about OFRN here.

Parallax supports local entrepreneurs through its Launch Dayton team. The foundations of this work started in 2016 and were formalized in a partnership with other entrepreneurial support organizations in 2019. That partnership, known as Launch Dayton, is focused on building an intentionally inclusive community that celebrates and supports Dayton Region entrepreneurs. The Launch Dayton network has grown to include 22 organizations that support more than 1,000 entrepreneurs and small businesses in the Dayton Region.

Launch Dayton's resources are tailored to match the entrepreneur, the industry, and the business stage. The Launch Dayton team provides an easily accessible environment, high-caliber programming, and a connected network of champions, mentors, and resource providers to enable entrepreneurs to succeed in their pursuits.

Parallax’s Launch Dayton team is committed to the vision of the partnership and building an equitable entrepreneurial ecosystem. The team has supported nearly 300 entrepreneurs through its programming since 2019, 58% of which have been women, 49% minority, and 10% veterans.

Learn more about Launch Dayton here.

 Technical Lead

VP & Division Manager, Innovation & Workforce Development

Mary Margaret Evans