At Parallax Advanced Research, we are dedicated to nurturing the next generation of talent by offering dynamic internship opportunities that go beyond traditional learning experiences. Our paid and competitive internships provide students with the unique chance to immerse themselves in the cutting-edge work we do at Parallax, both in person and remotely. We understand the importance of hands-on learning, and our internship program is designed to offer valuable insights into our diverse divisions and departments. What sets our program apart is the potential for interns to transition seamlessly into full-time regular positions, empowering them to continue contributing to groundbreaking projects and furthering their professional development within our collaborative and innovative workforce. At Parallax, we believe in investing in the future and providing a pathway for interns to evolve into integral members of our team.


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We deliver innovative research and provide technology, human, and business solutions via The Science of Intelligent Teaming™ for government, industry, and academic clients with critical challenges.

To advance the Nation's innovation advantage. 

Cross-Training and Development Program Overview

At Parallax Advanced Research, we are committed to providing our intern employees with a comprehensive cross-training and development program. This initiative is designed to offer interns a holistic understanding of the various divisions and departments within Parallax, enabling them to explore different career paths, enhance their skills, and broaden their knowledge base.

Training Objective

The primary goal of our cross-training program is to facilitate interns in gaining insights into the missions, divisions, and departments at Parallax Advanced Research. Company sponsors will play a pivotal role in showcasing their careers, mentoring interns, and providing hands-on training. This exposure to cross-functional opportunities tailored to align with interns' career interests fosters communication, collaboration, and an understanding of Parallax's overarching mission.

Topics Covered During Cross-Training

1. Division/Department Mission: purpose and goals behind the department.

2. Department/Division Make-up: meet the team and understand career paths related to the work.

3. Good Times & Challenges: learn about the best parts of the job and the most challenging aspects.

4. Observation: detailed observation of daily tasks, meetings, and shadowing senior leaders.

5. Projects: assist the team with assigned projects under high supervision.

6. Assigned Tasks: assist the team with daily tasks with low supervision.

7. Check-ins: monthly check-ins with HR and the employee's supervisor.

8. Send-off Meeting: transition to the next team, Q&A, and final thoughts.

Benefits of Working at Parallax

Invest in your future

Work towards your financial goals with 401(k) plan!

Options include:

- Roth post-tax 401(K) with a generous monthly company match.

Enjoy a flexible schedule

Create your own schedule around school and activites to best fit your needs. 

- Some work from home opportunities available. 

Enhance your skills

Gain experience working in a professional environment that fosters growth.

- Learn about communication, professionalism, networking, and more.

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