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Who We Are & What We Do

We are a private, nonprofit 501(c)3 research institute headquartered in Dayton, Ohio, with offices in Cleveland, Ohio, and Arlington, Virginia. Our organization is focused on addressing critical national security and prosperity issues. Our approach combines resources, competencies, and perspectives from different sectors (academia, industry, and the government) to drive innovation and creative solutions to hard problems.   

Our Vision

To advance the Nation's innovation advantage. 

Our Mission  

We deliver innovative research and provide technology, human, and business solutions via The Science of Intelligent Teaming™ for government, industry, and academic clients with critical challenges.

Our Capabilities

Parallax caters to a diverse customer base, ranging from local entrepreneurs to academics to government teams tackling our Nation’s most demanding problems. Click on the buttons below to learn more about the various programs, affiliates, and capabilities managed by Parallax. 
Parallax research development testing and evaluation

Research & Technology Development:

Our focus on breakthrough technologies across land, sea, air, and space aligns with the strategic objectives of these organizations. By leveraging our expertise in advanced aerospace research and development, advanced systems integration and test, advanced air mobility, artificial intelligence and autonomy, advanced concepts modeling and simulation, disruptive systems electronic warfare and cyber, human-machine teaming, multi-domain intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance, and unmanned systems command and control, we provide innovative solutions to address critical challenges in national security. Our commitment to pushing technological boundaries makes us a trusted partner in advancing defense capabilities and enhancing mission success.

Education, Workforce, and Small Business Support

Education, Workforce, and Small Business Support:

At Parallax, we believe in the significance of fostering collaboration and innovation across industry, academia, and government sectors. We actively offer comprehensive consulting services and manage networks to support entrepreneurs, researchers, and organizations within innovation ecosystems. Through our collaborations with industry leaders, academic institutions, and government entities, we facilitate sharing of resources, competencies, and perspectives. We aim to enhance collaboration and drive innovation activities, including technology transition, economic development, and entrepreneur support.