Advancing the Science of Intelligent Teaming

We engage in basic and applied research encompassing the interaction and performance of highly diverse machine-to-machine, human-to-machine, and human-to-human teams. 

Advancing the Science of Intelligent Teaming™

We use the Science of Intelligent Teaming™ to advance the Nation’s innovation advantage through our work on advanced, emerging technologies, poised to reshape the human experience, and we translate those results into solutions that address critical national challenges.  

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Space and Aerospace Advanced Technology

Advanced Aerospace Research and Development 

Parallax is engaged in key areas of aerospace and space research, development, test and evaluation, public-private partnerships, and policy development. Our experts are engaged with others to define the necessary functional requirements for an open-standard approach to connecting current and future lower altitude surveillance systems for advanced air mobility platforms.

Organizational and Talent Development

Advanced Air Mobility

Parallax supports the dynamically emerging advanced air mobility (AAM) industry by providing its expertise in AAM command and control; mobile systems, training, and simulation; low altitude systems integration; research and development; and consulting. 

Organizational and Talent Development

Advanced Concepts Modeling and Simulation 

Parallax and its affiliate, the Ohio Aerospace Institute, specialize in physics-based simulation, which facilitates efficient decision-making in teams comprising humans and machines. Our engineers have created a variety of tools that model causal interactions in socio-technical systems with psychological and social realism.

Human Machine Teaming for Data Exploration

Human-Machine Teaming

Human-machine teaming (HMT) encompasses a wide, multi-disciplinary area of study that incorporates cognitive science, computer science, and human factors psychology to better understand how humans interact with technology to support common goals.

Organizational and Talent Development

Unmanned Systems Command and Control  

Parallax develops cutting-edge command and control for a variety of autonomous systems. Our national and international test development and execution expertise includes test scenario development, airspace approval requirements, test execution, and post-demo analysis support.

Unmanned Systems Command and Control

Advanced Systems Integration and Test

Parallax’s Advanced Systems Integration and Test capability provides an integrated approach to solving military challenges. Our end-to-end systems approach to military operations incorporates research, development, testing, and integration of command and control, sensors, and electronic warfare in the context of mission planning and execution.

Artificial Intelligence and Autonomy

Artificial Intelligence and Autonomy

Parallax's AI and Autonomy team provides custom solutions to hard problems involving the use of AI for the autonomous processing of data. This group creates novel AI algorithms while working with both real-world and model and simulation data. Our meta-cognitive approaches mirror real-world cognition and lend themselves to explainability, robustness, and context awareness.

Organizational and Talent Development

Disruptive Systems Electronic Warfare and Cyber 

Parallax's Disruptive Solutions team is committed to being the "disruptioneering" leader in the field, harnessing the power of cutting-edge technology to address the most complex technical challenges. We assemble a team of innovative thinkers and engineers, organically and through strategic partnerships, to develop solutions and build systems that go beyond the status quo and deliver extraordinary capabilities. 

Organizational and Talent Development

Multi-domain Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance

The Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance (ISR) Team collaborates closely with analysts to provide guidance and leadership in ISR efforts for our customers and stakeholders. We remain up to date on ISR and Intelligence Community (IC) workflows, tools, and the constantly evolving landscape of personnel. We also engage with external users to leverage their expertise in the design and deployment of ISR tools.