Parallax is engaged in key areas of aerospace and space research, development, test and evaluation, public-private partnerships, and policy development. Our experts are engaged with others to define the necessary functional requirements for an open-standard approach to connecting current and future lower altitude surveillance systems for advanced air mobility platforms. Our team of cross-disciplinary partners will consider how data can be utilized for safety cases, operational planning, and various other scenarios. We are a thought leader in industry standards, existing state-of-the-art in surveillance sensors, and Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) engagement. 

Our research and leadership in space research is through a partnership with the Ohio Aerospace Institute (OAI). Founded in 1989, OAI is a joint initiative of the NASA Glenn Research Center, the Air Force Research Laboratory at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base, the State of Ohio, ten Ohio public and private universities granting doctoral degrees in aerospace-related engineering disciplines, and numerous companies engaged in aerospace activities. Their research includes: 

  • Advanced Aerospace Materials 

  • Space Science and Exploration Technology 

  • Computational Modeling 

  • Mechanical Characterization and Modelling 

  • Thermal Management 

  • Aerospace Systems Sensing, Characterization & Safety 

  • Additive Manufacturing of Ceramics 

OAI is also a leader in biomimicry, which accelerates innovation based on bio-inspired solutions already tried and tested in nature. They also lead the Ohio Aerospace Industry Association, further connecting businesses, government, and academia to streamline and improve supply chain management. 

 Technical Lead

Chief Scientist

Dr. Viktoria Greanya

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