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Nov 16, 2023

In October 2023, the private, nonprofit research institute, Parallax Advanced Research of Dayton, Ohio, was awarded a contract on behalf of the Department of Defense (DOD) to execute, the OnRamp Hub: Ohio program, which aims to expedite the development of technology solutions for national security challenges and support Ohio-based small businesses in the tech sector. This program is being run through the Great Lakes Mission Acceleration Center (MAC) as one of five regional MACs located in Arizona, Hawaii, Kansas, and Washington. U.S. Senator Sherrod Brown (D-OH) secured funding for the program, and U.S. Representative Michael Turner (R-OH-10) supported funding for the broader DOD Mission Acceleration Program, which now has $65 million allocated in the House of Representatives' fiscal year 2024 defense spending bill.

Parallax, through the Great Lakes MAC entity, received $1.9 million from the Defense Innovation Unit and the National Security Innovation Network to execute and manage the OnRamp Hub: Ohio, which will be a front door for the Department of Defense to Ohio businesses, academia, state organizations, and military bases and will coordinate programs to ensure success by providing physical and digital space for entrepreneurs to meet, collaborate, and innovate. The OnRamp Hub: Ohio provides tailored services to its customers, including problem scoping, technology identification via data analytics, DOD process guidance, prototyping, testing, evaluations, certifications, and technology transition.  

The OnRamp Hub: Ohio is located at the Arcade Innovation Hub in Downtown Dayton, Ohio and is open for business. Additional On Ramp Hub: Ohio locations will be launched in Cincinnati, Cleveland, and Columbus later.

“Parallax and our partners, JobsOhio, the Dayton Development Coalition, and OneDefense, are looking forward to working with industry and business organizations of all sizes in Ohio on advancing our nation’s security through science, technology, and innovation at The Great Lakes MAC and OnRamp Hub: Ohio,” said Dennis Andersh, president and CEO of Parallax Advanced Research.

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Parallax Advanced Research is a 501(c)(3) private nonprofit research institute that tackles global challenges through strategic partnerships with government, industry, and academia. It accelerates innovation, addresses critical global issues, and develops groundbreaking ideas with its partners. With offices in Ohio and Virginia, Parallax aims to deliver new solutions and speed them to market. In 2023, Parallax and the Ohio Aerospace Institute formed a collaborative affiliation to drive innovation and technological advancements in Ohio and for the Nation. The Ohio Aerospace Institute plays a pivotal role in advancing the aerospace industry in Ohio and the nation by fostering collaborations between universities, aerospace industries, and government organizations, and managing aerospace research, education, and workforce development projects. More information on both organizations can be found at and