Published on
Nov 22, 2021

Beavercreek, Ohio- In May 2021, Parallax Advanced Research secured a $2 million contract for the Multi-Sensor Exploitation for Tactical Autonomy (META) program under the Autonomy Capability Team 3, or ACT3, program of the Air Force Research Laboratory’s (AFRL) Sensors Directorate (RY).

The primary purpose of the META program is to address challenges that face the research, development, assessment, demonstration, and transition of sensing autonomy technologies and solve them through innovative research. The multidisciplinary team at Parallax Advanced Research has leveraged its deep expertise in autonomy and machine learning, human-machine teaming, software development, operational subject-matter expertise, and test and evaluation capabilities to deliver unique and innovative approaches to autonomy technology development.

The U.S. Air Force META program goals include knowledge generation through information fusion and the application of machine/deep learning techniques to solve military problems. Directly addressing these goals, Parallax’s approach to autonomy technology development is based on combination of deep learning and semantic and ontological techniques; explainable inference methods including planning, sense-making, and evidence-based reasoning; evidence-based reasoning for data fusion; performance modeling capabilities; operational subject-matter expertise and flight-test expertise for performing airborne testing and evaluation of new autonomy technologies.

“Parallax is devoted to working with the ACT3 team to bring about the Air Force cognitive engine vision which aims to enable a new generation of flexible autonomy development,” said Dr. Matthew Molineaux, Parallax director of artificial intelligence and autonomy and META principal investigator.

Parallax is conducting this project in active collaboration with the U.S. Air Force scientists and operational users to ensure alignment with U.S. Air Force needs. Adhering to the complete cycle of research and development for autonomy, Parallax has incorporated the elements of evaluation of U.S. Air Force needs; basic, advanced, and applied research; intelligence, surveillance, reconnaissance subject-matter expertise; and testing and evaluation into the META project.


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