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Jun 13, 2022

Press release & Factsheet

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For immediate release: June 13, 2022 

Beavercreek, Ohio- Parallax Advanced Research President and CEO Dennis Andersh has announced that the organization was awarded $97.5 million for the Air Force Research Laboratory’s (AFRL) Mission Analytics Technology and Research for Innovative eXploitation (MATRIX) contract.  

The MATRIX Program is focused on conducting basic, applied, and advanced scientific and technical research in human-machine teaming, human performance, psychological processes, and physiological indicators.  

“This is an incredible opportunity for Parallax to support future Warfighters and the AFRL mission. Parallax research scientists and engineers understand that the human mind is a rigorous analytical tool that, when paired with world-class technology and innovation, can become revolutionary. We look forward to seeing how our research improves the lives of Airmen and Guardians.” said Andersh.  

"Dayton continues to be a leader in development of our nation’s military defense and capabilities. This contract will help Parallax Advanced Research advance their operations so they can improve technologies and research, all while ensuring our military heroes are safer and better equipped to protect our country,” said Congressman Mike Turner. 

"The retention and expansion of Ohio’s military and federal installations, and their critical missions, are vital to the economic health of our state, as well as our national security,” said Joe Zeis, Ohio Governor’s senior advisor for Aerospace and Defense. “The MATRIX contract awarded to Parallax will result in leading-edge research in analytical reasoning within complex military operational domains. This can potentially bring high-quality defense-focused job opportunities to Ohio that advance our state's infrastructure and quality of life." 

“This contract will result in $87 million in payroll over the next seven years,” said Chris Kershner, president, and CEO of the Dayton Area Chamber of Commerce, adding that the economic impact of the MATRIX contract is “a significant investment being infused into our local and state economy that will have a substantial economic ripple effect. Parallax is carving a path for the next frontier of aerospace innovation, and they are doing it from right here in Beavercreek, Ohio.” 

“The Dayton Development Coalition has proudly collaborated with Parallax Advanced Research on several initiatives that leverage the region’s defense expertise and contribute to our national security,” said Jeff Hoagland, president, and CEO of the Dayton Development Coalition. “The development of industry-academia partnerships cultivate innovation across the state and strengthen our region’s technical capabilities. As Parallax adds the Air Force Research Laboratory-funded MATRIX project to its portfolio, the Coalition stands ready to support this important work.” 

Aligning with MATRIX objectives, Parallax aims to conduct research and development in three technical areas: multi-source analytics, joint all-domain systems analytics, and machine learning analytics. This effort will include cognitive systems engineering and agile software development methods to envision enhanced workflows, develop and transition rapid software prototypes, and conduct scientific research and experimentation. The goal is to improve analytic reasoning, insight, and meaning-making from complex and uncertain data in a variety of operational domains. 

In addition, Parallax’s research efforts will include applying human factors and data science principles to research foundational knowledge and construct to develop and assess Airman-centric analytics that supports all mission phases in distributed, dynamic, contested, and degraded operational environments. At Parallax, the human performance program merges innovative principles from cognitive systems engineering, human factors, and neuroscience with operational subject matter expertise to design and develop solutions for current issues and future challenges. These solutions improve the efficiency and effectiveness of human and machine systems in commercial, industrial, and defense environments. 

Parallax is in the process of hiring diverse professionals from across the United States and plans to bring them to Ohio to work on this contract and drive Parallax’s business forward. View open Parallax Advanced Research positions, here.   


Beavercreek, Ohio- On April 25, 2022, Parallax Advanced Research was awarded a seven-year, $97.5 million contract by the Airman Systems Directorate, 711th Human Performance Wing, Air Force Research Laboratory, Wright-Patterson Air Force Base to support the Mission Analytics Technology and Research for Innovative eXploitation (MATRIX), which will enhance Airman analytic efficiency and effectiveness across a variety of mission environments.  

  • MATRIX includes basic, applied, and advanced scientific and technical research to inform fundamental design principles and theories in human-machine teaming, human performance, psychological processes, and physiological indicators.  

  • The Parallax team will collaborate with the best small and large businesses and academic institutions across the Nation, including 361 Interactive, AIS, Azimuth, Barbaricum, Basis Technologies, Black River Systems, CFD Research, Intuidex, Kevadiya, Kitware, Ohio State University, Radiance Technology, RCS, Redpoint AI, Tenet3, University of Cincinnati, and University of Dayton Research Institute. 

  • The seven-year project is expected to bring approximately $87 million in payroll to Ohio. Parallax plans to hire more than 35 employees and contractors with expertise in human-machine teaming, cognitive psychology, artificial intelligence, software development, software architecture, intelligence processing, software design, and human-machine interfaces. Parallax’s hiring priorities are to attract talent from throughout the State of Ohio with a focus on Southwest Ohio. Parallax offers a salary range from $55,000 to $200,000 to new hires supporting the MATRIX contract.  

Parallax is in the process of hiring diverse professionals from across the United States and relocating them to Ohio to work on this contract and help drive Parallax’s future business model and contribution to the national defense. View open Parallax Advanced Research positions here: 


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