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Confirmed for Thursday, December 14, 2023
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Hyperspace Event Forum presents
Safeguarding the Skies: Advanced Safety Assurance Methods for Intelligent Aerospace Control Systems by Parallax AR's AI and Autonomy Team

Join the final Hyperspace Challenge webinar of 2023 to learn about emerging space domain AI trends and applications seen by the Parallax Advanced Research's AI and Autonomy team. The researchers will discuss cutting-edge safety assurance methods for intelligent aerospace control systems. The panel will also discuss  prioritizing explainability, robustness, and context awareness in AI solutions, with expertise spanning airborne systems and space systems. Parallax's proven track record includes developing novel algorithms for real-world scenarios such as airborne combat operations and safety-assured satellite docking and inspection. Bring your questions to speak with the team about the future of AI across a range of critical domains!

- Darrell Lochtefeld, PhD, Intelligent Systems Division Manager 
- Nathaniel Hamilton, AI Scientist
- Kyle Dunlap, AI Scientist

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