Empowering Defense Innovation Across the Great Lakes Region, USA

The Great Lakes MAC is your gateway to defense innovation in the Great Lakes Region. Headquartered in Dayton, Ohio at the Downtown Dayton's Arcade Innovation Hub and managed by Parallax Advanced Research, the Great Lakes MAC or GLMAC is committed to driving innovation across the region by fostering collaboration between industry, academia, and government and leveraging existing regional resources to drive science and technology innovation in support of our nation's security. The Great Lakes MAC aims to be the "front door" to Great Lakes regional businesses, academia, state organizations, government, and nontraditional innovators.

GLMAC Capabilities and Offerings

  • Coordinate Collaborative and Innovative Programs: The GLMAC ensures the success of collaborative defense innovation programs across the Great Lakes Region.
  • Provide Collaborative Work and Innovation Spaces: The GLMAC offers physical and digital spaces for entrepreneurs, academics, and government personnel to meet, collaborate, and innovate.
  • Utilize Technology: The GLMAC leverages technology to evaluate government lab and university applied research for commercialization.
  • Lean Organization Strategic Support: The GLMAC operates as a lean entity and focuses on enabling entrepreneurs and innovators to rapidly transition dual-use technologies for national security use.

GLMAC presents the OnRamp Hub: Ohio

The GLMAC houses the OnRamp Hub: Ohio, an innovative program led by Parallax Advanced Research and funded by the Department of Defense, Defense Innovation Unit, and National Security Innovation Network. The Hub: Ohio accelerates tech solutions for national security challenges while supporting Ohio-based small businesses in defense tech. Parallax partners with JobsOhio, the Dayton Development Coalition, and OneDefense to provide this capability to the great State of Ohio.

The OnRamp Hub: Ohio Offerings to Businesses, Academia, And Military Bases

  • Problem Scoping
  • Technology Identification
  • DOD Process Guidance
  • Prototyping
  • Testing
  • Evaluations
  • Certifications
  • Technology Transition

Join the GLMAC in Shaping the Future of Defense Innovation

The Great Lakes MAC invites entrepreneurs, researchers, government personnel, and anyone interested in defense innovation to join our mission. Together, we can drive innovation, solve critical national security challenges, and transition technologies that shape the future. Contact us at glmac@parallaxresearch.org to get involved today.