Published on
Oct 6, 2022

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Arlington, Virginia -- Parallax Advanced Research has branched out to a new location in Arlington, Virginia. The 2,400 square feet office extends the geographical area of Parallax’s operations, helps Parallax meet its growing talent needs, and gives it a local presence close to key Department of Defense ( ) offices, including the Air Force Office Of Scientific Research (

Air Force Office of Scientific Research 

), Naval Research Labs (NRL) and Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA). Parallax’s Virginia office is a landing point for both technical execution and business development. The main work to be done at this office will be implementing advanced artificial intelligence capabilities in U.S. military systems.  

Sharing the vision and goals behind the new location, Parallax President and CEO Mr. Dennis Andersh said, “We are doubling down and going after Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency work. In addition to being right down the street from the Office of Naval Research, DARPA, and the Air Force Office of Scientific Research, our new office is on the metro network, making it easily accessible from all parts of Washington D.C. which is convenient for several of our clients and customers. Specifically, these three government agencies are ‘goal posts’ in Parallax’s plan for future work. While we've learned throughout the COVID period that we can successfully work remotely, it's also good to have a physical presence near our client to respond quickly to their needs.” 

The new location is also available as a collaborative space for Parallax’s partners.  

“If universities or other partners want to utilize that space while they're in D.C., the Virginia office will be available to them. In fact, I’d like to have national universities share that space with us, possibly as a starter office for them in D.C. DARPA is getting more engaged with academia, and we want to provide universities with a physical space for collaborative initiatives and partnerships,” said Andersh. “This aligns with Parallax’s mission to be a strong partner to academia, industry, and the government.” 

Parallax is scouting software development talent from across the nation to support this expansion. View Parallax’s career opportunities at or click (here).  


About Parallax Advanced Research  

Parallax is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit that tackles global challenges by accelerating innovation and developing technology and solutions through strategic partnerships with government, industry, and academia across Ohio and the Nation. Together with academia, Parallax accelerates innovation that leads to breakthroughs. Together with the government, Parallax tackles critical global challenges and delivers new solutions. Together with the industry, Parallax develops groundbreaking ideas and speeds them to market.