• Dr. Mary Frame in Dubrovnik, Croatia
    Dr. Mary Frame in Dubrovnik, Croatia
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Jan 20, 2021

Dr. Mary Frame is a senior research psychologist at Parallax Advanced Research and has been contributing her expertise to Parallax’s research and development efforts since 2015. Dr. Frame works on multi-domain intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance research and has disseminated her research results at multiple national and international professional society conferences. She has also been published in scientific journals, including Behavior Research Methods and Decision. Dr. Frame is credited with developing novel research projects for the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA), Office of Naval Research (ONR), Air Force Office of Scientific Research (AFOSR), Air Force Research Laboratory (AFRL) and others on behalf of Parallax.

Cognitive Psychology Conference, New Orleans, 2018
Cognitive Psychology Conference, New Orleans, 2018

As a research psychologist, Dr. Frame focuses her study on how humans relate to and utilize technology, how they understand it and how they make professional decisions when interacting with technologies. This plays a significant role in the overall research and development work that Parallax has trademarked the Science of Intelligent Teaming™. Parallax defines the Science of Intelligent Teaming™ as basic and applied research of highly diverse artificial intelligence, machine and human teams and how they interact and perform with one another. ​Parallax utilizes the Science of Intelligent Teaming™ to deliver innovative research and provide technology, human and business solutions for government, industry and academic clients with critical challenges. ​

“Any job isn’t done in a vacuum and requires teamwork and collaboration of some kind. To me, the Science of Intelligent Teaming™ means not only trying to get each team member to reach their individual potential but optimally configure individuals in efficient teams to get them to mesh. This becomes even more complex when you start adding technology, automation and computers, resulting in a need to achieve effective communication between different people who see problems objectively and subjectively and their technologies that see the world in binary code. Intent could be to see how goals are shared and established, how understanding of the problem space is shared and what the mental model is for effective problem solving,” said Dr. Frame.

A part of Dr. Frame’s work involves traveling to conferences, and her travel experience has been an inherent part of her research work in terms of understanding human interactions and teamwork in diverse settings.

“It gives you so many other perspectives because there are people studying what I study all over the planet and people studying slightly adjacent things to what I do or things that are completely unrelated…and one of the values of that is you get hundreds of people who are interested in similar topics together who all have different ideas, experiences and contexts leading to a really nice interchange and exchange of information and ideas even outside of conference halls and in semi-social/social settings,” said Dr. Frame.

According to Dr. Frame, the informal discussions have the flexibility of going beyond set parameters and can generate new ideas and breakthroughs into a problem that a researcher has been working through.

Outside of work, one would still find Dr. Frame traveling. She said her joy for traveling gives her opportunity to observe and interact in various cultural environments and a broad perspective of human interactions and teaming in diverse circumstances.

Dr. Frame’s educational background includes a Ph.D. in Psychology with a Concentration in Brain and Cognitive Science and Graduate Certificates in Applied Statistics and College Teaching from Miami University, an M.B.A. with a Concentration in Marketing from Wright State University and a Bachelor of Science in Psychology and Criminal Justice from Baldwin-Wallace College. Dr. Frame is the recipient of competitive funding awards, including Chief Scientist Seedling 2018, Dissertation Scholar Award 2016-2017 from the Department of Psychology at Miami University and the Repperger Research Fellowship Award 2015 from the . She hopes to continue travelling to enrich her scientific pursuits.


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Conference for Experimental Psychologists, 2018
Conference for Experimental Psychologists, 2018