Published on
Oct 20, 2022

We are thrilled to share that the first Starlab research workshop was a resounding success! We were honored to host the event on September 28-29, 2022, along with Nanoracks, Voyager Space, Lockheed Martin, The Ohio State University, Arizona State University’s MILO Institute, and the Ohio Aerospace Institute. Our goal was to foster collaboration on the development of a newly enriched and vibrant Low-Earth Orbit research ecosystem. 

Held at The Ohio State University, this event was instrumental in formulating the research and development environment aboard Starlab, Voyager, and Nanoracks’ planned commercial space station. It also helped key users formulate requirements for the future George Washington Carver Science Park (GWCSP). Attendees helped to shape key research questions, areas of focus, and research configurations for industry, university, and government partners. Discussions also provided early validations/refutations of existing ideas and assumptions to compare against offline research related to International Space Station research and technology, science, product development, commercial market maturation, and university/academic research engagement. The workshop also provided visibility and communications valuable to promoting Starlab and GWCSP activities ranging from research to STEM education and outreach.

In addition to learning more about Starlab and GWCSP, existing/known science requirements, and a discussion of successes and failures, the event also focused on:

  • The user-need-based design process 
  • Identifying potential key partner organizations  
  • Providing input to science requirements 
  • Aiding in market and business development 
  • Seeding and initiating new ideas for future experiments

The collaborative nature of this workshop is aligned with the mission of the GWCSP. The GWCSP is the first science park in space, operating today on the International Space Station with plans to expand to the future Starlab and other terrestrial ground labs. The GWCSP terrestrial lab is set to be located at The Ohio State University starting in 2023. The GWCSP is leveraging the proven terrestrial science park business model where scientists and industry members share findings, collaborate, and use new technologies to advance both scientific and commercial endeavors.

Soon, researchers, institutions, government agencies, and companies will have the opportunity to engage and participate within the GWCSP community to enable more streamlined access to space and to help solve humanity’s most pressing challenges. We are grateful to our partners and our founding GWCSP leadership team from ZIN Technologies, the Universities Space Research Association, The Ohio State University, and The International Association of Science Parks for their efforts in making this a reality.

To learn more about Starlab and the George Washington Carver Science Park, visit here

Parallax Advanced Research was brought in by Nanoracks and Voyager to support the Starlab Research Workshop.


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