Published on
Jul 3, 2023

Recap: The Ohio Global Aerospace & Supplier Summit 2023 in Cleveland, Ohio 

The Ohio Global Aerospace & Supplier Summit 2023, held on May 16th and 17th in Cleveland, Ohio, provided a platform for small to large businesses (including underrepresented business enterprises (UBEs)), government, academia, and other stakeholders in the aerospace industry to explore exporting opportunities and connect with valuable supply chain resources to grow their businesses. The event aimed to inform, educate, and connect businesses with international organizations and technical support to pursue exporting contracts successfully. The event was organized by Ohio Aerospace Institute, Parallax Advanced Research, JobsOhio, International Trade Administration, with assistance from the Ohio District Export Council. 

Why work with the Ohio aerospace supply chain?  

Ohio, with its strong aerospace industry, offers a multitude of exporting opportunities for aerospace businesses. When it comes to Ohio's aerospace exports, three key areas stand out:  

  • civilian aircraft 
  • aircraft engines 
  • aircraft parts  

These sectors present promising avenues for growth and collaboration, highlighting the state's manufacturing capabilities and expertise. Moreover, Ohio's aerospace exports have found a receptive market in several countries. Among the top destinations for Ohio's aerospace exports the United Kingdom, France, Canada and Brazil. These countries provide significant potential for Ohio-based aerospace companies to expand their reach and tap into international markets. By leveraging these export opportunities and establishing strong trade partnerships, Ohio's aerospace industry is poised for further success in the global market. 

Tuesday, May 16th, at the Ohio Aerospace Institute 

On Tuesday, May 16th, at the Ohio Aerospace Institute, the event kicked off with opening remarks followed by a keynote session titled "Aerospace Exporting Success Stories and Opportunities for UBEs." This session featured Larry Fulton, CEO of Hanlon Composites, and Kimberly Kirkendall, President of International Resource Development Inc., who shared inspiring success stories and highlighted the available exporting opportunities for UBEs. 

A panel discussion titled "Exporting Fundamentals – What Do You Need to Know & Where to Go for Support?" provided attendees with important information on the exporting processes and requirements. Panelists included industry experts such as Bob Eckman, Sr. Director at RSM International, Dan Ujczo, Senior Counsel at Thompson Hine, and Kim Kirkendall, President of International Resource Development who guided participants on obtaining technical and financial assistance to pursue exporting opportunities. 

The closing panel discussion, "Additional Support to Help You in Your Exporting Journey," introduced UBEs to local entrepreneurial support organizations that can provide further assistance. Panelists included representatives from the U.S. Commercial Service, Great Lakes Biomimicry, and the Small Business Development Center Export Assistance Network. 

Later in the day, an opening reception took place, featuring notable speakers such as Ret. Col. Joseph E. Zeis Jr., Senior Advisor for Aerospace & Defense in the Ohio Governor's Office, and Dr. James Kenyon, Center Director of NASA Glenn Research Center. 

Wednesday, May 17th, at The Aviator Events Center

On Wednesday, May 17th, at The Aviator Events Center, attendees had access to B2B and B2G networking opportunities throughout the day. The event started with registration, followed by a welcome address by Dr. John Sankovic, President of the Ohio Aerospace Institute. 

Sessions throughout the day covered various topics of interest. Presentations included "Ohio's Aerospace & Defense Strategy" by Ret. Col. Joseph E. Zeis Jr., highlighting Ohio's efforts to strengthen its position in aerospace and defense innovation. "Overview of Ohio Aerospace Landscape: Why Ohio is a major Aerospace State" by Glenn Richardson, Managing Director of Advanced Manufacturing & Aerospace at JobsOhio, emphasized Ohio's advantages as a major player in the global aerospace industry. 

Global perspectives were also shared during the event. Renato Sabaíne, Senior Commercial Specialist at the U.S. Consulate General in São Paulo, Brazil, provided a "Global Update of Brazil Aerospace Market," discussing the growth potential and partnership opportunities in the Brazilian aerospace industry. 

The event featured panel discussions on important topics such as sustainability, avionics, microelectronics, and the future of commercial space innovation. These sessions brought together industry experts and thought leaders to discuss strategies, advancements, and challenges in these areas. 

Overall, the Aerospace Supply Chain Summit 2023 provided a comprehensive platform for businesses (including UBEs), government, academia, and other stakeholders to learn, connect, and explore exporting opportunities within the aerospace industry. With informative sessions, engaging panels, and valuable networking opportunities, attendees gained insights and resources to pursue international contracts and contribute to the aerospace supply chain. The event successfully highlighted the importance of inclusion and support for underrepresented businesses, including minority, women, and veteran-owned enterprises. 

Thank you to our sponsors for your tremendous support of this successful event!