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Feb 28, 2024

Place your index finger directly in line with the tip of your nose, yet far enough away so that you can examine its position in relation to a static object behind it. Next, close your right eye. Then, your left. Notice the apparent shift in position of your finger proportional to the stationary background. This change in perspective, caused from closing one eye and the other sequentially, is called parallax.  Parallax is applied in the stellar parallax method, which measures the distance of stars by the apparent positional shift of any nearby star against the background of distant stars. Thus, the term "parallax" metaphorically embodies its own definition. Depending on its interpretation or the angle at which it is perceived, parallax can serve as a measuring tool, a methodical problem-solving approach, an insight into motion, or in the case of Parallax Advanced Research, a perspective integrated into all facets of our business.

What is Parallax?

The diagram shows how parallax can be used to measure distant stars. By using the difference in orbital location of the earth around the sun as the two viewing points, we can understand distant stars with accuracy. Scientists use a closer, known star as the focal point of the parallax, measuring information about the distant universe using the parallax angle. The two earth positions are similar to your two eye positions. You see things through different perspectives when you alternate looking at an object through one open eye and then the other eye.  

Parallax Advanced Research examines problems from a variety of viewpoints. We can gain insight into problems and, thus, produce unique solutions. One way we manage to diversify our perspective is by hiring teams of business experts, scientists, and engineers from multidisciplinary backgrounds to work on problem solving for our clients in national security. 

Parallax Director of Cognitive Research, Dr. Mary Frame, who researches cognitive learning between humans and machines, said, “Innovation requires multiple perspectives. The rise of complexity in scientific problems, such as navigating AI technology, adversarial concerns, and space exploration, require extensive coordination, cooperation, and perspective across a multifaceted team of scientific and technical professionals. This is the unique capability offered by Parallax Advanced Research that has allowed us to stand out against our competitors.”  

While it is embedded into the research teams that Parallax cultivates, the term parallax is also woven into its corporate and research culture. Employees are encouraged to be autonomous in their work, open-minded in collaboration, and diverse in thought. 

According to Parallax Technical Writer, Benjamin Whitley, “The conversations at Parallax illuminate synergies, fostering a welcoming environment for diverse thoughts. This broadens our perspective and reveals a network of possibilities, empowering us to pursue bold solutions aligned with our overarching goal.” 

Moreover, Parallax's vision, which is to advance the Nation’s innovation advantage, requires envisioning what’s possible, which means taking views in parallax. Parallax works toward realizing its vision by leveraging its relationships across academia, government, and industry to accelerate innovation, tackle critical global challenges, and develop solutions and groundbreaking ideas and speed them to market. In an effort to further advance its impact across these sectors, Parallax entered into an affiliation with the Cleveland-based 501(c)(3) nonprofit Ohio Aerospace Institute (OAI) in January 2023. This affiliation enables both nonprofits to provide a dedicated Tech-based Economic Development (TBED) initiative that creates and implements strategies and programs supporting the development of technology assets within an innovation-driven economy. 


"Parallax's and OAI’s approach to tech-based economic development embraces diversity by understanding the customer's viewpoint, collaborating with industry, universities and nonprofits, and harnessing technology innovation for economic and societal progress,” said Anthony Gillespie, director of Technology-Based Economic Development at OAI. “We utilize technology assets, specialized facilities, and exceptional human capital to deliver solutions that empower our clients. This process is the epitome of examining multiple viewpoints to see the possibilities.”

Indeed, as parallax requires multiple perspectives, Parallax Advanced Research’s ethos evolves in tandem. As perspectives shift, so does Parallax's commitment to innovation and inclusivity. 

LJ Eads, Parallax director of Research Intelligence, said, “Those who cannot change their minds, cannot change anything. This is what defines Parallax Advanced Research. We challenge viewpoints technically and culturally, which may just be what it takes to make a positive change via cutting-edge solutions for our government customers.” 

About Parallax Advanced Research
Parallax Advanced Research is a 501(c)(3) private nonprofit research institute that tackles global challenges through strategic partnerships with government, industry, and academia. It accelerates innovation, addresses critical global issues, and develops groundbreaking ideas with its partners. With offices in Ohio and Virginia, Parallax aims to deliver new solutions and speed them to market. In 2023, Parallax and the Ohio Aerospace Institute (OAI) formed a collaborative affiliation to drive innovation and technological advancements in Ohio and for the Nation. OAI plays a pivotal role in advancing the aerospace industry in Ohio and the nation by fostering collaborations between universities, aerospace industries, and government organizations and managing aerospace research, education, and workforce development projects. More information about both organizations can be found at and