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Who We Are & What We Do

We are a 501(c)(3) nonprofit research institute. We solve critical challenges for the Nation's security and prosperity. We do this by focusing on creating impact by accelerating investments in the U.S. science and technology enterprise. We engage in research aimed at solving critical state- and federal-level challenges at the intersection of government, industry, and academia using the Triple Helix Model of Innovation. This model combines resources, competencies, and perspectives from different sectors (academia, industry, and the government) to drive innovation and new creative solutions; anchors and cultivates innovation ecosystems within a region; engages in boundary-spanning activities and encourages collaboration within and between these three sectors.  

Our Vision

Advancing the Nation's innovation advantage

Our Mission  

We deliver innovative research and provide technology, human, and business solutions via The Science of Intelligent Teaming™ for government, industry, and academic clients with critical challenges.

Our Capabilities

Artificial Intelligence and Autonomy

Artificial Intelligence and Autonomy

Parallax is a leader in AI and autonomy. Our research spans this vast and growing field from modeling complex systems, including the development and application of neuromorphic algorithms to modeling human cognition and metacognition and agent reasoning algorithms.

Unmanned Systems Command and Control

Unmanned Systems Command and Control

Parallax has and continues to develop cutting-edge command and control for various autonomous systems. Our national and international test development and execution expertise include test scenario development, airspace approval requirements, test execution, and post-demo analysis support.

Organizational and Talent Development

Consulting Services

Parallax’s Consulting Services are intended to help our clients build and sustain healthy, high-performing organizations with engaged innovative people. These services complement our company’s technology and research-focused capabilities, to provide a holistic suite of solutions that enable peak performance and mission success.

Human Machine Teaming for Data Exploration

Human and Machine Cognition

Parallax traces much of its history to improving human performance through understanding cognitive psychology, neuroscience, human factors engineering, and cognitive systems engineering. Our work in human-AI trust and trust collaboration is extensive and growing.

Space and Aerospace Advanced Technology

Space and Aerospace Advanced Technology

Parallax is engaged in critical areas of aerospace and space research, development, testing, and evaluation, public-private partnerships, and policy development. Our experts are involved with others to define the functional requirements for an open-standard approach to connecting current and future lower altitude surveillance systems for advanced air mobility platforms.

Entrepreneur and Research Networks

Entrepreneur and Research Networks

Parallax teams engage with, build, and connect a nationwide network of high-performing teams and collaborators from academia, industry, and the government via the Ohio Federal Research Network (OFRN) and Launch Dayton programs.

Our Awards